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    Use JBOSS with Microsoft Access

    qh Newbie

      How can I configure an Microsfot Access databse for use by a CMP Entity Bean? I don't know the correct database mapping. Thanks.


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          gorano Newbie

          I guess you have to find out the mappings yourself
          If no one else have done it already.

          Are you using the jdbc-odbc driver from sun?

          You can always play with one test cmp bean called by a junit test
          xdoclet can speed your test up.

          Something like this in your entity:

          * CMP accessor
          * @ejb.interface-method
          * view-type = "local"
          * @ejb.persistence
          * column-name = "TEST"
          * jdbc-type = "INTEGER"
          * sql-type = "INTEGER" <-- change here till it works
          public abstract int getTest();

          When you have mapped Access, post the mapping here :-)


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            gavinandrews Newbie

            Have you considered using MSDE rather than Access? MSDE is the Microsoft Database Engine and is FREE (I think they changed their licence agreement quite recently).

            MSDE works well with JBOSS as it is effectively MS SQL Server and you can manipulate it using Access...

            in fact I think MSDE is distributed with Access.