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    Exception handling in processes

    Jiří Kotal Newbie



      we have an application with embedded JBPM (version 6.0.1). The application handles web services requests by running processes. The application must respond in all cases, even in case when exception is thrown during process execution (e.g. exception in service task or database connection lost).


      I looked at chapter 22. "Exception Management" in the user guide and tried to use SignallingTaskHandlerDecorator to catch exceptions and signal error to a subprocess. This solution works but the problem is that the subprocess must be defined with the attribute triggeredByEvent="true" and setting this attribute is not supported in JBPM designer nor in BPMN2 Eclipse Modeler (at least I couldn’t find how to set this attribute in these editors).


      Can someone recommend how to solve a robust exception handling? The application has one main process that calls specific subprocesses according to coming requests. We need to handle exceptions in subprocesses and signal the exceptions to the main process by error event or in a process variable.