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    Top down web service w/ wildfly and eclipse

    Daniel Chaffee Newbie

      I am starting out with wild fly and eclipse. I have a wsdl. Assume I know nothing.


      Top level goal - I am attempting to create a webservice(just server now) out of a wsdl and deploy to wildfly.


      Environment -  I have jdk 1.7.0_51 installed along with wildfly 8.0.0 and eclipse kepler + Jboss tools for eclipse. This is running on win 7 currently.

      I have added wildfly as a server and have started and stopped it in eclipse ok.


      What I am struggling with is the supported tooling around this. I have wildfly installed and running and I also downloaded JBossWS and deployed that seemingly successfully. Because I ran into issues with the doing this w/ wildfly 8.1.x I downloaded 8.0.0 and that allowed the successful deployment of JBossWS. Where I am struggling is the step by step in eclipse to use this wsdl to create a webservice for deployment to that target server. There are some examples out there on the web but mostly referencing different versions of tools or runtimes or just enough different for this to just not work.


      I am flexible with just about anything as this is just a starting point. If axis is the way to go and not jbossws then that's fine as well.


      Current approach.

      1) create a new webservice project(New | Other | Webservice | Web Service)

      2) specify 'top down java bean web service', enter the url to my wsdl. (Notice i modified my web service runtime to jboss ws.

      3) click next and I get - 'The JBoss Runtime Location is not set.'


      I included some pictures to show where I am headed. Again - totally open to other suggestions for making this work and I am not married to any approach. I just want 'an' approach using my IDE using wildfly. Any help is appreciated and hopefully I provided enough information w/ this post.

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          Daniel Chaffee Newbie

          A quick update to this question - I have had some success by just using the CL tools like wsconsume and then trying to structure my project like the quickstart examples and just using maven to deploy to wildfly. So i can make something work, but definitely not as slick as using the IDE just starting with a wsdl. Now on to my jax-b marshaling issues. Still hoping for a response to this original post though since this will likely come up @ work for others on my project.