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    jbpm project deployment on redhat-jobss-fuse-server-6.0/6.1

    rahul vashishth Novice


      my requirement is to have a single flow and human task for my jbpm poc. Since i need only a single flow i do not want to have a standalone jbpm server like redhat jbpm server or jbpm installed on tomcat. I want to create a sample jbpm project with a human task using jboss developer studio and then deploy that into some other app server (Rehat jobss fuse server in my case).

      So here my first question  - is it possible to do that. my main concern is around the human task , can i access the human task by deploying the jbpm project into a fuse server, how i can do login into the human task console. Or i have to have a jbpm server to deploy a project with human task. Please suggest.