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    Chapter 18, Working with GIT

    Alfred Gillette Newbie

      I have been trying to understand how I can create a project using KIE and then add custom services and WorkItemHandlers using Eclipse.

      I read Chapter 18 of the documentation for JBPM6 and was able to point Eclipse at the integrated GIT repo. I can checkout a project created

      in KIE but I can't seem to check changes back in. I suspect that my problem has something to do with GIT users or permissions.


      I have worked through a couple of tutorials that all seem to agree with each other, but the problem persists.





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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          did you commit and push the changes in your git repo?

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            Alfred Gillette Newbie

            Hey Mauricio,


                I am still fighting with repo's but I have managed to add an example from the internet to my local repo and to checkout code from the local repo

            into eclipse. In order to do that I had to login as krisv instead of admin so I suspect that the issue is related to individual users access to git. I will

            chase this down eventually but I'm currently still working on issue number one, which is figuring out how to get WorkItemHandlers to work. I can make them

            work in eclipse, but when I move the project into the repo and try to deploy the process, JBPM can't seem to find my class files. I have that issue in another thread.



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              Mauricio Salatino Master

              Hi Alfred,

              Did you try adding the jar that contains the WorkItemHandler into WEB-INF/lib inside the kie-wb application? That will make your class available to the execution classpath.

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                Maciej Swiderski Master

                to be able to push you'll need to use SSH protocol when interacting with GIT as it requires authentication, so try following url for local installation: git clone ssh://user@localhost:8001/repository


                then you should be able to push into that repo.



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                  Alfred Gillette Newbie

                  I have discovered that as long as I use the krisv user and command line commands for git, the repo integration works fine. While working with git on the command

                  line I discovered that you have to be careful to make sure that you do a 'git pull' every now and then because both the KIE and Eclipse environments can potentially

                  change the repository states both locally and remote. I was originally tryng to do everything as the admin user and that didn't work well.


                  In the process of adding and removing files I discovered that the KIE interface is very sensitive to the structure of the project tree. If I added java files anywhere other than

                  the main.java.com... branch, the KIE interface would through a cryptic exception and not build or deploy my service. I ended up designing my custom workItemHandlers in

                  a separate project in order to keep both tools happy. KIE wants the java files in 'main.java.com.nakina.fredproject' but the service wants the jar to have a package of 'com.nakina.fredproject.