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    Missing Core Address mbean in standalone 2.4.0

    Jesus Gabriel y Galan Newbie



      This is an extract of my configuration in a standalone clustered 2.4.0-final server:




              <divert name="my-jms-divert">




         <queue name="notifications">
            <entry name="/queue/notifications"/>


      The idea is to have a core address (billing-platform-notifications) where a client will send messages with the Core API, and a JMS client that reads from the /queue/notifications JMS queue. Everything is working correctly, except what I see in jconsole. I was expecting (and an IRC conversation with jbertram showed his expectation was the same) to find a billing-platform-notifications mbean under the "org.hornetq:module=Core,type=Address" category, but it's not there. I only see the ones created to support the JMS queues defined in hornetq-jms.xml configuration file: DLQ, ExpiryQueue and notifications. The address seems to be correctly created, cause it works from the producer, and also if I go to the Server Core mbean and call the getAddressSettingsAsJSON passing billing-platform-notifications as the addressMatch I get a sensible response:



      "maxRedeliveryDelay":0, "pageCacheMaxSize":5,"lastValueQueue":false,"redeliveryDelay":0,"redistributionDelay":-1,"sendToDLAOnNoRoute":false,"maxDeliveryAttempts":10}


      I've tried adding <jmx-management-enabled>true</jmx-management-enabled> per jbertram suggestion in IRC, but it didn't change anything.


      This is not an urgent matter cause production and consumption of messages work correctly, but I find it useful to use jconsole to verify that the setup is correct.