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    Which port should be used for Elasticsearch server

    Gary Brown Master

      Elasticsearch is bundled with Fuse 6.1 - however they use an old version (0.20) which is not compatible with Kibana 3. Therefore RTGov will be using a more recent version of the Elasticsearch server (1.1.1).


      The problem is that in the Fuse environment, the default port (9200) is used for access to the old server - therefore in the Fuse environment atleast we would need to use a different port. So we have the following options:


      1) We temporarily use a different port in Fuse, until Fuse updates to a more recent version of Elastic search.


      2) We standardise on a different port across all containers (EAP, Fuse, etc)


      The server host/port is defined in a configuration file, so both options are possible. Are there any implications when using an embedded server that clusters with other nodes?

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          Gary Brown Master

          After further thought, I think (1) may be best for the following reasons:


          a) In non-Fuse environments, generally an Elasticsearch cluster will use the default ports, and therefore using the default ports "out of the box" in non-Fuse environments is better from an administration perspective.


          b) The intention is to manage ES nodes using Fuse profiles, so it should be easier to just set a different port when running with these profiles in Fuse. The administrator would then only need to change configuration, if those nodes needed to cluster with other nodes in the network that are using the standard port.

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            ivan mckinley Newbie

            Hey Gary, going with option 1 might be the best idea until Fuse upgrade. Whats the reasoning behind the dated version?

            Some questions

              - Does Fuse start a local data node or is it just client to connect to and external node.

              -How does Duse expect to scale out their ES? by starting additional external ES data nodes or is it a case of starting an additional Fuse (Rtgov also need to answer this)



            Some points to consider

              - Fuse and RTgov need change some default setting so we don't get cluster cross talk.

              - Cluster name

               -Multicast address

               -multicast port

               -Do we want multi cast enabled at all ?


            Is there plans bring fuse to the latest version ?

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              Gary Brown Master

              Sorry for the late reply - didn't get a notification


              Don't know the reason for the old version in fuse, or how they handle scale out - but agree these points need to be considered for rtgov in fuse.


              Thanks for the pointers - will consider these when looking at how to start the server in fuse.