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    Turning up logging output of TransactionService

    troypoppe Newbie

      I am trying to run down a problem I am having with some CMP EJBs and using the optimized loading procedures detailed in the DOCO. (I'm trying to solve it on my own before bothering the group with a large amount of code and crap to find my problem.)

      Specifically, I am trying to find out why the same query is being run over and over when I expected that the data would be in the cache. My guess at this point is that what I expect is one transaction scope is actually not.

      I'm trying to turn some debugging output on regarding the creation of transactions, and the use of transaction when calling EJB methods.

      Can any one recommend how to get this output?

      I've tried something like the following in log4j.xml, but it didnt work:

       <category name="org.jboss.tm">
       <priority value="DEBUG" />

      What I'd like to get is some output as to when EJB methods are called, and what the transactional information is for that invocation.