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    Infinispan and Cassandra

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      I've been reviewing recently Infinispan (v5.3.0) and Cassandra (2.0.7) as a persistent storage.

      However, it appears that the development is quiet old ( target initially before 0.7 cassandra version)

      and has not followed Cassandra releases.

      It uses super columns family type which is discouraged since v1.x

      and even forbidden in Cassandra 2.0.7 which promotes now composite colums instead.

      "Super Columns

      Do not use super columns. They are a legacy design from a pre-open source release. This design was structured for a specific use case and does not fit most use cases. Super columns read entire super columns and all its sub-columns into memory for each read request. This results in severe performance issues. Additionally, super columns are not supported in CQL 3."



      What are the plans for this connector ?

      Could not find much stuff on this.


      Any info is appreciated.


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