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    How catch errors of a transaction executed in replicated asynchronous mode?

    Francesco Sclano Newbie


      I'm currently using infinispan with following configuration:

      1. transactional (optimistic locking - repeatable read)

      2. only one node of grid assigned to perform put/remove operations (hereafter called master node), and all remaining grid nodes able to perform only read operations (hereafter called read nodes). I have a low total number of grid nodes.

      3. synchronous replycated mode



      Now, I would like to know how I have to change my infinispan configuration in order to work with all following characteristics at the same time:

      1. maintain transactional (optimistic locking - repeatable read)

      2. maintain only one master node and all other as read nodes

      3. asynchronous replycated mode

      4. in case of an error of data replication occurred only in one read node X (i.e. network problem only between master node and X),

         it is ensured that data are properly replicated in all other nodes, and then it will be infinispan to retry data replication on read node X

         (for a fixed max number of attempts)

      5. furthermore, I need to catch Exception related to the error, in order to store its message in a dedicated db table



      I red http://infinispan.org/docs/6.0.x/user_guide/user_guide.html#_replicated_mode, and I understand that configuring an asynchronous replicated mode I should obtain point 4. above? Is it right? But what about point 5.?



      Many thanks


      Francesco Sclano