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    query join problem


      Hello there,  I've run into a serious problem (I think) , but maybe it's just my lack of experience with modeshape sql2 query language.

      We have the following situation:

                   we have a top level node "case" of type [caci:case] which has 2 subnodes, one called assignee of type [caci:aclUserIdentifier] and one called requestor of type  [caci:caseRequestor]. Both subnodes have a property called acl_identifier.  

      The assignee nodes have only 'user1..999' as acl_identifier property  values  and the  requestor nodes have only 'klant1..999' as acl_identifier property  values.

      When I run this query  :

      Select case.[jcr:path], assignee.acl_identifier  from [caci:case] as case

      inner join [caci:aclUserIdentifier]  as assignee on ischildnode(assignee ,case)



      (assignee.acl_identifier <> 'user1')

      I get this result:


      etc etc


      This is tottally incorrect!!!   Cas 10001 and 10002 do not have assignee's with acl_identifier properties with value's like 'klantxx' .


      Is it my query or what??

      Any help is greatly appreciated


      Jan van de Klok


      (our modeshape version is 3.7.3 running as a jboss EAP 6.1 module)  JDK version is 1.7_45)

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          The problem is NOT in the modeshape Query!!!  It turns out the requestor type inherits from the caci:aclUserIdentifier type.

          The query was 100% right in delevering the nodes as it did. We did not notice the inheretance!!


          My humble excuses for taking up your valuable time!!!


          regards Jan

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            Glad you were able to figure out the problem, and thanks for letting us know.