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    Registering marshallers on the SerializationContext

    Van Halbert Master

      Trying to register the marshallers from a client, but getting this error:


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Message descriptor not found : quickstart.Person.PhoneNumber

        at org.infinispan.protostream.impl.SerializationContextImpl.getMessageDescriptor(SerializationContextImpl.java:104)

        at org.infinispan.protostream.impl.SerializationContextImpl.registerMarshaller(SerializationContextImpl.java:124)

        at org.teiid.resource.adapter.infinispan.dsl.InfinispanConnectionImpl.registerMarshallers(InfinispanConnectionImpl.java:180)



      I've got the JDG 6.2 server running, with the remote-query quick start  executed to load some initial data.


      My client app is trying to register the marshallers, the ones defined in remote-query quick start.  I've tried both methods of registration:


      ctx.registerMarshaller(clzz, baseMashaller);



      and both produce the same problem.


      Since the AddressBookManager performed the registerProtofile, is that good for all clients, or does every client need to so that too?


      I only assumed the client needed to to register the marshallers with the cacheManager in use. 


      Not sure what I'm missing here. 


      Your help would be appreciated.