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    Does JBoss SOA 4.3 Supports Message Grouping

    Sandeep Tyagi Newbie


      I am in the process of implementing a data synchronization process between two systems and am planning to use message queues,

      There are related data sets that I have to synchronize for example message1(user_account), message2(orders), message3(ledger), message4(refunds). I know that I can send these messages in sequence withing transaction scope but that will be time consuming process and I rather prefer to group the messages  under a unique group_id and send them asynchronously. The consumer will process all the message under the group_id and respond with a confirmation message with the group_id that the sender will use to mark the data as synchronized.

      I cannot find in 4.3 documentation any mention of message grouping. Please let me know if this is supported with version 4.3 and if not can I integrate different messaging provider like ActiveMq or HornetQ with the current version to achieve this.


      Thanks in Advance.