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    How to intercept a reply from synchronous message exchange using Pipeline Interceptors

    Martin Myslík Newbie

      I implented a Pipeline Interceptor for processing all messages sent via JBossESB.


      It works great with asynchronous messages. However, if I send a message using ServiceInvoker.deliverSync(message, time), I only intercept the first message but never the reply. So I would like to know, how exactly the synchrounous messaging works. I know that when sending a synchronous message, the initial message is sent and then the serviceInvoker waits for the reply fot the specified time. But what is the form of the reply when it is sent from the target service? Is it a brand new ESB message (with some attribut specified so it points to the original message) or is it the initial message with the reply attached to it?


      The first option does not seem likely, because if it was a brand new ESB message, my interceptor would process it. How to tackle this problem? Can anyone suggest how to solve it?


      Thank you for any replies.