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    Facts are not matching the condition

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      i got very annoying problem, i have generated test project with help of jboss tools


      Environment: jbpm.version = 6.0.0.Final, jdk 1.7.0_25


      My code:


      public class OrgUnit implements Serializable {

        private static final long serialVersionUID = -1L;


        private int id;


           public OrgUnit() {


           public OrgUnit(int id) {

               this.id = id;


           public int getId() {

               return id;


           public void setId(int id) {

               this.id = id;





           public boolean equals(Object o) {

               if (this == o) return true;

               if (o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) return false;


               OrgUnit orgUnit = (OrgUnit) o;


               if (id != orgUnit.id) return false;

               return true;



           public int hashCode() {

               return id;



           public String toString() {

               return "OrgUnit{" +

                       "id=" + id +

                       "} " + super.toString();



      ProcessMain class:


      KieServices ks = KieServices.Factory.get();
      KieContainer kContainer = ks.getKieClasspathContainer();
      KieBase kbase = kContainer.getKieBase("kbase");


      RuntimeManager manager = createRuntimeManager(kbase);
      RuntimeEngine engine = manager.getRuntimeEngine(null);
      KieSession ksession = engine.getKieSession();
      TaskService taskService = engine.getTaskService();


      ksession.insert(new OrgUnit(1));
      ksession.insert(new OrgUnit(2));




      my drl file:


      package com.sample.process

      rule "Your First Rule"


              $orgUnit: OrgUnit()


              System.out.println("XX:" + $orgUnit);


      As i said everything is generated except of OrgUnit class, i think that my rule should post two debug messages, but instead of this there is only one message:

      XX:OrgUnit{id=1} com.sample.process.OrgUnit@1

      Somehow drools swallows the last inserted fact of the same type, i do not really understand why its happens. If I insert only one fact, no messages are shown at all.

      Any help is appreciated!


      Tnx a lot!






      Well, if i initialize ksession like this:


      KieServices ks = KieServices.Factory.get();
      KieContainer kContainer = ks.getKieClasspathContainer();
      KieSession ksession = kContainer.newKieSession("ksession1");


      Everything works. Can someone tell me why its happens?


      tnx a lot.


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