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    ESB Clustered Scheduler

    Janath Raveendra Newbie

      We have a ESB cluster with 4 nodes and application have a scheduler as below. Since we going to deploy the application on all 4 nodes, how we going to control scheduler such that only one is running at each time? Kindly advise.



        <ftp-provider hostname="${source_hostname}" name="SimpleFTP">

         <ftp-bus busid="SimpleFTPChannel">

          <ftp-message-filter directory="${source_directory}"

      error-delete="false" error-suffix=".HAS_ERROR" input-suffix=".dat"

      password="${source_password}" post-delete="false"

      post-rename="true" post-suffix=".COMPLETE" protocol="sftp"

      username="${source_username}" work-suffix=".esbWorking"/>



        <schedule-provider name="SimpleSchedule">

         <cron-schedule cronExpression="0/5 * * * * ?" scheduleid="cron-schedule"/>