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    what is the behaviour of an asynchronous transaction?

    Francesco Sclano Newbie


      I'm investigating asynchronous transaction in order to improve performances.

      Could you please explain me what is the behaviour of a transaction in a replicated asynchronous cache?

      If I have a transaction composed by operations, in which every operation depends by previous operation (i.e. order of execution of operations is important).

      For instance, consider a transaction T that performs a read of data1 needed to build data2, data2 is then written on cache.




              // 1° operation

              data1 = get(key1);


              // 2° operation

              data2 = elaborate(data1);


              // 3° operation






      In other words, I need that "entire transactions" are asynchronously executed, but I need that operations performed inside a transaction remain synchronous.

      Is it possible? If yes, how I have to configure infinispan?


      Many Thanks


      Francesco Sclano