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    jbpm designer on tomcat

    Lior Chaga Newbie

      I've downloaded jbpm designer war for tomcat from the following link:http://sourceforge.net/projects/jbpm/files/designer/designer-2.4/jbpm-designer-2.4.0.Final-jboss.war/download

      I've renamed the WAR to designer and imported it to eclipse, and deployed it to tomcat 6.



      results in a webpage with title @title@ and the content shows: @defaultSkin@ @overlaySkin@

      Clearly some servlet is not doing it's magic...

      In the web.xml I see the following servlet declaration:


           <display-name>Default Servlet for Directory Listings</display-name>


           <!-- <servlet-class>org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.DefaultServlet</servlet-class> For Tomcat -->







                <!-- <param-name>dirAllowed</param-name> for Tomcat -->






      And although it seems like I should replace the servlet-class with the one in the comment marked for tomcat, doing so just results in ClassNotFoundException (I tried adding some jetty jars according to the exceptions I got, but I didn't know what versions to use, and obviously I ended up with some classes not compliant with expected interfaces). Anyway, the above servlet is mapped to "/generated-uis/" url-pattern, and actually I don't see any servlet mapped to the url I supply - "/editor.html?profile=jbpm".

      What am I missing here?