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    jBPM & Message Flows

    Marc J Novice

      Hey guys,

      I just stumpled upon something:

      According to the BPMN specification, there is a distinction between a sequence flow and a message flow, which makes perfect sense to me. Yet, I couldn't find message flows in the KIE WB Designer.

      Therefore, two questions: Are they excluded on purpose? And how would you implement a message exchange between a message receive and a message send task respectively between the corresponding events?


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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          message flows are more for interaction with external parties designed on single BPMN definition. jBPM does support only single process in given BPMN definition and thus not supporting directly message flows. Although you can still use interaction between processes like over receive/send tasks which gives you flexibility on how the exchange is done - meaning it might be in jvm communication like signals that jBPM gives by default, you could use any messaging technology JMS, etc or whatever you like as handlers for send and receive tasks are pluggable.