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    Helpful resources to run JBPM 6 standalone ?

    Hugues Bernard Newbie

      I am experimenting with JBPM to evaluate if it would fit our project.  The application we are building needs some workflow capabilities, but workflows is not the core of it.

      In that context, I am (trying to) make a simple PoC that runs as a standalone Java app (no container, no JBoss). The future architecture will probably use an OSGi container.

      I have difficulties to find clear explanations in the documentation (or in forums, so far) on how to configure and run JBPM standalone, that is by taking the needed JAR files, putting the needed config files at the right place, and configuring the database.  It seems to me that when you do not use the installer/demo (which I did with some success), you are left a bit alone (?).


      My question is: is there a good resource (guide, document, example...) that explains the "bare bone JBPM setup" ?


      Honestly, I made the same exercise with activiti and this has been very easy. Maybe I just miss the right info for doing so with JBPM.

      Any advice on that topic is welcome.

      Thanks a lot.