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    The EAP 6.2 Patch feature is cool. Why not make it awesome?

    inspector Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I was very excited when I saw the patching feature in the EAP 6.2. It's easy to use, it does its job and I like it. But I think it could be awesome: What I initially expected was a command like "apt-get update" or "pacman -Suy" (or whatever the equivalent for your packet manager). What I found is a

      1. go to customer portal
      2. look if there may be new patches
      3. download latest patch
      4. use patch feature to apply patch


      Thats 3 steps more than I expected. Again I think it's great because it feels a lot better than copying files into the eap manually. But for automated EAP setups and convenient system management there is still room for improvement.


      Were there actually reasons why you did not implement a simple "download & install the latest patch" command?