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    Is it possible to get current connection state in HornetQ?

    Andrey Sergienko Newbie



      I'm trying to find a way of getting current connection state in HornetQ.

      We have a HornetQ running in standalone mode. Is it possible to get current connection's state (for example, is it online, offline, connecting) in runtime using JMS API?

      For example, Progress SonicMQ has 'getConnectionState' method (http://documentation.progress.com/output/Sonic/8.0.0/Docs8.0/api/sonicmq_api/progress/message/jclient/Connection.html#getConnectionState())

      Does something similar exist in HornetQ?

      I've also asked on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23649286/is-it-possible-to-get-current-connection-state-in-hornetq


      In case if this is impossible, is there any way to set up a connection state listener? I mean, some callback method that could be called by HornetQ when connection state changed.