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    JBoss domain setup - does this make sense?

    Maciej Swiderski Master



      would like to get community and experts opinion on idea of JBoss domain setup that is meant to be flexible to ease further move to cloud based solution like openshift.


      So idea is to start with single machine (linux) that will host:

      • domain controller - dedicated JBoss (zip) distribution
      • multiple host controllers (per application) with it's own JBoss (zip) distribution and bound to dedicated IP
      • apache with mode_cluster for load balancing


      So the mian question is actually about host controllers as idea is to have them many on the same linux server which I believe is not default setup. Reasoning for having this is to ensure complete isolation between application (that will sort of own host controllers) and to allow simple way to scale if more servers (linux servers) will be required. Then each host controller will be able to control one or more server instances for given application. Since each host controller will be running in its own JBoss distribution (file system layout) and IP it can be easily moved between linux servers and should give some initial feeling on how it might look like in cloud based environments - like sandboxes.


      So does that makes any sense or is this a complete insane idea.


      Thanks for all the input.