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    EJB remote invocation: how to specify which server?

    H L Newbie

      I am not familar with EJB, much less JBoss AS 7, Java 7. May be this is a stupid question......


      We are running an application with 2 JBoss instances.

      Some EJBs are deployed on both instances.

      Some EJBs are deployed on one of them only.

      One JBoss need to use the EJB of the other.


      So, we tried to follow this guide to setup the remote invocation thing.

      EJB invocations from a remote server instance - JBoss AS 7.1 - Project Documentation Editor


      But how do I specify which JBoss to get the EJB from?

      Sometimes I need to use a local copy, while sometimes a remote one.

      The guide doesn't seem to mention that.