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    Errai bean validation - @Valid

    Michael Jank Newbie



      I try validating an object which contains a list of other objects, both should be validated via bean validation. The objects in the list are being validated, but it seems they do not contain data, nevertheless I see the correct data when debugging.




      public class ComponentData {

          @Size(min = 5, max = 10)

          private String title = "";


          @NotNull @Valid

          private List<Data> dataList = new ArrayList<Data>();





      public class Data {

          @Size(min = 1)

          private String name = "";



      So when creating a new Data object and setting the name to "xy" and store it in the list, the validation of the ComponentData gives a constraint violation that the name of the Data object is an empty string, but when debugging I see "xy". I tried with and without the @NotNull annotation for the list.


      Are there any known issues, or did I miss something?


      Thank you!