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    Errai 3 Snapshot and MGWT failed to compile

    John DeStefano Apprentice



      Just wondering of anyone is using mgwt and errai to develop mobile apps with. I'm currently trying this and I get the following error during the compile:


      [INFO]    [ERROR] Errors in 'com/googlecode/mgwt/ui/client/animation/AnimationHelper.java'

      [INFO]       [ERROR] Line 51: Rebind result 'com.googlecode.mgwt.ui.client.widget.animation.AnimatableDisplay' must be a class



      In the entry point class I create the AnimationHelper like so:


      final AnimationHelper animationHelper = GWT.create(AnimationHelper.class);


      I have annotated this class with @EntryPoint.


      Any ideas as to what the issue is?