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    Table 'BAMTaskSummary' remains empty

    alessandro montalbano Newbie


      this is my first istallation of jBPM and I'm analizing the workspace  'jBPM Dashboard' installed in Dashbuilder 6.0.1.

      My problem is that panels about Tasks have not data, I searched the table used on Data Providers that is 'BAMTaskSummary' and I see that it is ever empty.

      I have implemented my first two custom business processes, task's data are stored in 'Task' (data remain there until the completion of the associated process) and 'NodeInstancelog', but 'BAMTaskSummary ' is not populated never.


      My installation was done without any custom step. Can someone help me to find the right configuration of my installation of jBPM to accomplish populating of that table?



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          Rafael Chies Novice

          HI Alessandro,


          One question ... Are you using the engine embedded in your application or are you using the one provided by the business-central!?

          I've just started a new installation of BPMS 6.0.1, changed the database mapping for a MySQL database, and everything is working fine. I defined a process with a simple task, and started I new instance. After that, the BAMTaskSummary was populated with success.