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    JON 3.2.0 agent won't install on Windows

    nicolas duminil Master



      I'm trying to install JON 3.2.0.GA on Windows 7. I'm usig the rhqctl script to install everything. The storage node and the server seems to be installed successfuly but the agent install fails with the following exeption


      15:28:29,670 INFO  [org.rhq.enterprise.server.installer.Installer] The installer

      has already been told to perform its work. The server should be ready soon.

      15:28:38,968 INFO  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] Removing any existin

      g agent preferences from default preference node

      15:28:38,968 INFO  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] Installing RHQ agent



      ANT target [(default)]

      Fri May 23 15:28:39 CEST 2014


      [header-for-install] [echo]

      ===== RHQ AGENT INSTALL =====

      Installing Agent To: C:

      Version: 4.9.0.JON320GA

      Build Number: 734bd56

      Jar File: C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA\modules\org\rhq\server-startup\main\deployments



      [install] [echo] Extract the agent distro zip from the agent update binary

      [install] [unjar] Expanding: C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA\modules\org\rhq\server-startup\main\deployments\rhq.ear\rhq-downloads\rhq-agent\rhq-enterprise-agent-4.9.0.JON320GA.jar into C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA

      [install] [echo] Unzip the agent distro into the new installation directory

      [install] [unzip] Expanding: C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA\rhq-enterprise-agent-4.9.0.JON320GA.zip into C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA

      [install] [echo] chmod +x on executables under C:/rhq-agent

      [install] [echo] Remove the agent distro zip

      [install] [delete] Deleting: C:\jon-server-3.2.0.GA\rhq-enterprise-agent-4.9.0.JON320GA.zip

      [install] [echo] DONE! Agent version 4.9.0.JON320GA (build number=734bd56) has been installed to C:

      15:28:39,919 INFO  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] The agent installerfinished running with exit value 0

      15:28:39,919 INFO  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] Configuring the RHQagent with default configuration file: C:\rhq-agent\conf\agent-configuration.xml


      15:28:39,919 ERROR [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] An error occurred while configuring the agent: C:\rhq-agent\conf\agent-configuration.xml (Le chemind?accès spécifié est introuvable)

      15:28:39,935 ERROR [org.rhq.server.control.RHQControl] C:\rhq-agent\conf\agent-configuration.xml (Le chemin d?accès spécifié est introuvable)

      15:28:39,935 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Removing agent install directory

      15:28:39,935 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Removing server-installed marker file and management user

      15:28:39,935 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Stopping component: --server Stopping the RHQ Server [rhqserver-OBX] service...RHQ Server [rhqserver-OBX] stopped.

      15:28:43,133 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Stopping component: --storage Stopping the RHQ Storage [rhqstorage-OBX] service... RHQ Storage [rhqstorage-OBX] stopped.

      15:28:48,328 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Removing stora ge node data and install directories

      15:28:48,406 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Install] UNDO: Reverting server properties file


      What seems to happen is that the installer look for the agent configuration in C:\rhq-agent\conf\agent-configuration.xml which doesn't exist, instead of C:\jon-server-3.2.0-GA\rhq-agent\conf\agent-configuration.xml.


      The documentation doesn't mention any configuration operation for this path and looking in the properties files there is no any parameter for this. Should I configure this path somewhere or the install script is simply buggy ?


      Kind regards,