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    PortletBridge 3.3.1 and IE8

    Alain BAUDRY Newbie



      I'm trying to make an upgrade of our RichFaces version and therefore PortletBridge version.


      I'm moving from RichFaces 4.2.3.Final, JSF 2.1.8 and PortletBridge 3.1.3.Final to RichFaces 4.2.6.Final, JSF 2.1.19 and PortletBridge 3.3.1.Final.


      All works well with latest version of FireFox and Chrome but I am encountering problems with IE8 especially when using HighCharts (3.0.5).

      See below:



      I have made a trial with RichFaces 4.2.6.Final, JSF 2.1.19 and HighCharts in servlet mode and did not encounter any probem.


      The error about the file packed.js is new and we did not have this with the older versions of our different frameworks.


      Do you have any idea?



      Alain BAUDRY