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    Minimalistic Core Distribution vs Java EE7 Full & Web Distribution what is the difference?

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      I just have a simple question, I'm on a project to upgrade a web application, the project is using Jboss AS 5, so the requirement is upgrade it to the latest version of the application server, but when I go to the download page on the WildFly 8 server, I can see a couple of links:


      1. Minimalistic Core Distribution

      2. Java EE7 Full & Web Distribution


      So I would like to get some help to understand which is the difference to determine what version I need. As far as I read on the code, the project is an spring framework mvc application (3.x) and I cannot see any links to datasources or modules in the jboss configuration.


      Thank you so much for your help!



      PS: please, excuse my english