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    Best Approach for CI environment to setup Multiple Projects in same Domain ?


      Hi Experts ,

         I struggle to setting up a C.I environment for the following requirement. Actually, I found one. But I dont know whether it is a good approach. I need experts Suggestions to know which is best to suite my requirement.


      Requirement :

      • Need to deploy two different kind of projects for various customer in Domain cluster.
      • Those kinds are following :  U.I related Frameworks and Service related Frameworks. Each Kind of Project has multiple customers.
      • Developer has to commit and check their projects in C.I. If one project got any code error, It should not affect other projects.



      My Current Planned Model :

      To the above requirement.

                            I am classified Two environment.

                                   1 ) Stable - Which contains approved projects which is not at all having any errors.

                                   2 ) Unstable - Which contains bug codes for any projects.

      In Unstable state, Each Project should not affect other project when error or bug occurred.



      Problems in my current Approach which i feel :

      1 ) Nodes / Server instance are getting increased. Need much Memory.

      2 ) Each Group ( Service and Web ) has multiple projects. But having single Process Controller for each. So that in a Unstable environment, If one project fails all other project can not access the Unstable Environment.


      Any help is much appreciated.




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          It depends on your requirement

          Here some thoughts

          - Memory and CPU power is related to your application, the footprint of the server itself is small

          - if you run the same profiles for stable and unstable it might be worth to have the same config, but consider that you can't do changes to test in unstable without effects to stable

          - as you use different hosts (hopefully different hardware) a crazy running unstable instance will have no effect to the stable one

          - because of admin purpose I would prefer two different domains to not have the risk to make changes by accident to the stable environment, also in most companies there is a strict separation of the productional environment


          hope that helps