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    Issue using ui:param values in rich:component call

    Daniel Dausch Newbie

      I am using RichFaces 4.3.6 and Mojarra 2.2.0. I have a general purpose rich:popupPanel used in my application. I have included the xhtml module using ui:include and one ui:param that specifies the actual id for the popupPanel as such:


        <rich:popupPanel domElementAttachment="parent" id="#{travelDetailsEditId}" autosized="true">


      the include is:

      <ui:include src="/modalPanels/travelDetailsEdit.xhtml">

           <ui:param name="travelDetailsEditId" value="exceptionViewDetailsEdit"></ui:param>




      In the popupPanel I would like to have a cancel button

      <a4j:commandButton value="Cancel"




      It seems to me that the rich:component function can not utilize a EL expression. It works fine with the actual

      component id as expected. Is this true? Is there syntax I need to wrap around the EL expression to make this work?