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    what is count refers in jbm_postoffice table by JBoss messaging

    Nagarjuna Appasamudram Newbie

      Hi ,

      we are using JBoss SOA 3.1 cluster nodes and using oracle database for ESB message persistence. when we query as below,

      "SELECT r.channel_id, po.queue_name,po.node_id, po.cond, COUNT(*) COUNT

      FROM jbm_msg_ref r, jbm_postoffice po

      WHERE r.channel_id = po.channel_id

      GROUP BY r.channel_id ,po.queue_name, po.cond,po.node_id


      we are getting result as

      CHANNEL_ID     QUEUE_NAME                                  NODE_ID             COND                                                    COUNT

      481                         001.ESB.Test.In                          53                           queue.001.ESB.Test.In                          133239



      Is the above query result saying

      whether the COUNT=133239 specifies, messages persisted by PersistenceManager for 001.ESB.Test.In are delivered by PostOffice to  final  destination ‘queue.001.ESB.Test.In’


      Count of messages yet to be delivered by PostOffice since we are querying based on corresponding CHANNEL_ID in both tables jbm_msg_ref & jbm_postoffice.


      I don't have any idea about internals of postoffice and serverPeer.

      please help in understanding this.


      Thanks & Regards,