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    JbossDataGrid-6.2.1 Library mode

    Raghav Babu Newbie

      i am using jboss data grid-6.2.1 and i have tried with remote client server mode with hotrod in distributed mode. Everything worked fine and i found it so encouraging to work on it. They have specified in its related doc that version 6.2.1 correlate with Infinispan 6.0.1.

      They use <distributed-cache>,<replicated-cache>,<container> tags in JBoss data grid-6.2.1


      But in infinispan 6.0 library mode, they use <named-cache> tag in common entirely differing from the prior configuration.

      In infinispan7.x version, i found the XML Configuration same as JBoss data grid-6.2.1.


      1)Can you provide me with an sample XML Configuration file for setting up jboss Datagrid-6.2.1 in library mode(local mode,distributed mode) ?


      2) Is to possible to manage both library mode and remote client-server mode with same XML configurations( as in infinispan7.0) other than network configurations in Jboss Datagrid-6.2.1 ??