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    Initial connection taking 200ms to 9seconds

    Ricardo Francisco Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      We migrated our http services layer from node.js to java recently, and we are currently testing the new version in a couple of clients. We used wildly for a couple of weeks as a development web-server and we wanted to see how it would work in a production environment. The issue that we came across is this: everything works fine initially, but after a couple of minutes the clients connect time goes to something between 200ms and 9sec. After the initial connection (with keep-alive) the requests go back to normal for the duration of the keep-alive.

      The traffic is somewhat around 1000 requests per second, the cpu and memory usage of the server is close to nothing. Initially i mentioned node so that i could compare the throughput from our previous version with the new one using wildly. In a server with less capacity we were serving the same amount of requests without the issue described earlier.

      One other thing, we ran several ApacheBenchmakrs with 2k to 5k concurrent users without any issues and clocking at 8k requests per second to 18k depending on the servlet being tested.

      We tested several things so far like, adjusting JVM settings, we increased ulimits, we tested with 1-2 and 4 instances of wildfly using haproxy to load-balance the requests but so far nothing solved the problem. We also commected our all the code in the servlets to make sure the issue was not related with it.

      We are running wildly in a Amazon ec2 instance with Ubuntu as OS.

      Can anyone help us out?

      Best regards

      Ricardo Francisco