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    add column to "task list" data grid

    akila rathnayake Newbie

      is there a way to add extra column that have "who created task/process" information.

      also i tried to add initiator from ProcessInstanceSummary by using getInitiator() method within initTableColumns method in package org.jbpm.console.ng.ht.client.editors.taskslist

      but its not working..guys can you tell me what is the wrong with this code


      // created by.
         Column<ProcessInstanceSummary, String> taskNameColumn2 = new Column<ProcessInstanceSummary, String>(new TextCell()) {


              public String getValue(ProcessInstanceSummary object) {
                  return object.getInitiator();


          myTaskListGrid.addColumn(taskNameColumn2, new ResizableHeader(constants.Created_By(), myTaskListGrid, taskNameColumn2));
          sortHandler.setComparator(taskNameColumn2, new Comparator<ProcessInstanceSummary>() {
              public int compare(ProcessInstanceSummary o1, ProcessInstanceSummary o2) {
                  return o1.getInitiator().compareTo(o2.getInitiator());
          myTaskListGrid.setColumnWidth(statusColumn, "100px");