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    Facing issue in Jboss eap clustered environment for struts application

    Kavitha Chinmay Newbie




      We are facing one issue in a Struts application deployed in JBOSS clustered environment with load balancer and sticky session. We have following declaration:

       <action path="/getList" type="com.test.actions.DisplayListDetailsAction" name="getList" scope="request"> <forward name="failure" path="/jsps/error.jsp" /> </action>

      we send ajax request through jsp to '/getList' to the list. DisplayListDetailsAction has a instance variable is_list_valid, which is initialized to false. and then set to true after some validations. Now this works very well in single web-server and single application server environment. But if tried same thing in multiple web-server and multiple application server environment. This is_list_valid flag is not initialized to false every time for every ajax request. Why this is so?