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    How configure JBoss to reject HTTP request on HTTPS port

    Jan Pleva Newbie

      I have configured JBoss with HTTPS connector only. Now I have problem, that in case I'm using HTTP request to HTTPS connector (port), it returns page with one ASCII character, instead of some error page, for example 505 or 400 or whatever something else what can user inform, about invalid request.

      There is no used Apache nor any other web server, where some rules for URL rewriting could apply.

      Also often used change in web.xml with <transport-guarantee>CONFIDENTIAL</transport-guarantee> tag do not solve this problem, as there must be HTTP request, which is then redirected to HTTPS based on "redirectPort" param in connector configuration and in this case there is not plan to use any other port and it is not possible to combine HTTP and HTTPS listener together on one port.


      What I know, if you make HTTP request on HTTPS port on Apache webserver, it returns 400 message with bad request. Why jboss doesn't? Is there some way how to configure SSL listener, that way, that it refuse HTTP request, or automatically change to HTTPS?


      Thank you!


      JBoss 5.1.0