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    It is possibile to set the timeout of a transaction at runtime?

    Francesco Sclano Newbie

      At startup of my application I have to load a large amount of data in a synchronous replicated cache with a single transaction.

      Is it possible to set a runtime an higher timeout than the default one only for this startup transaction?

      Consider that in my application I have only one master node able to put data in cache, and all other nodes of grid can only perform get operations.

      What is exactly the timeout I have to set? (i.e. what instruction I have to use?)


      I saw these instructions for get timeouts:

      - cacheContainer.getDefaultCacheConfiguration().transaction().completedTxTimeout()

      - cacheContainer.getDefaultCacheConfiguration().clustering().stateTransfer().timeout()

      cacheContainer is of type org.infinispan.manager.EmbeddedCacheManager, but I don't know if above timeouts can be set at runtime.


      Francesco Sclano