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    Isssue in Stopping a Host Controller in jboss eap 6.2 domain mode !!

    sridhar a.r Newbie

      Hi Guys,



      I am using  Application Server : Jboss eap 6.2 ( domain mode  , 1 admin instance, 2 managed instance)


      I start my Host controller using the below command , no issues in bringing it up


      nohup /apps/jboss/diJa/mija0101/jboss/bin/domain.sh --host-config=host-slave.xml -Djboss.domain.master.address=$hostname > /dev/null &


      But when i try to shutdown using the below command it fails


      nohup /apps/jboss/diJa/mija0101/jboss/bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect --controller=$hostname:8651 command=:shutdown > /dev/null &



        "outcome" => "failed",

        "failure-description" => "JBAS014884: No operation named 'shutdown' exists at address []",

        "rolled-back" => true



      Can someone suggest me where I have missed the configurations