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      I have some workflows serialized in the WORKITEMINFO table (waiting for the completeWorkItem call). The workitembytearray contains some of my business objects used by the work items.

      My problem is that I have refactored some of my business objects and now the already serialized workflow can't be finished by JBPM.


      When I call the completeWorkItem for the serialized workflows, the class org.drools.marshalling.impl.InputMarshaller perform the "WorkItem readWorkItem( MarshallerReaderContext context )" but fails with the ClassNotFoundException. Indeed, the class it tries to unserialize has been renamed.


      How can I provide my own version of the ObjectInputStream so that I can override "protected ObjectStreamClass readClassDescriptor()" to specify the new name of my refactored classes?


      Does someone have a solution for this issue?


      Thank you