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    JBPM 6.x - Feature request to help the developer.

    Pankaj Mishra Newbie



      Currently when we use a sub process node in the jbpm, in the properties (expand the properties on the right side) "Called element" property has drop down, that will read the business processes in the current project and populate the list all the process part of the project. Once we select the a process from the list, the data input set and data output set does not populate in 6.0.1.


      Instead of user going through the discovery of the inputs and outputs of the sub process (back and forth) form the process screens and typing them again and again, this is an error prone situation, the editor should be able to help the developer in this scenario. It would be a grate if the editor could populate the input/output sets based on the "Called element " selection. because once user selects a specific process, to be called, the system know the inputs and outputs of the sub-process and should be populated automatically.


      Once they are in this, then they will be available in the Assignments editor too. with this enhancement it will simplify the developer life and eliminate many challenges that might arise due to the human error.


      Thanks in advance