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    Is 2.3.0 client fully compatible with 2.4.0 hornetq server?

    Bo Liu Newbie

      We are planning to user hornetQ 2.4.0 standalone mode as our JMS broker. We set it up at our test environment and everything works.


      Later we found out that one of our components is using Java 1.6 so they can't use hornetq-client-2.4.0


      I've tried hornetq-client.2.3.0 with our 2.4.0 server, and the JMS part seems working fine, even the client side auto failover works.


      So my question is, is 2.3.0 client is fully compatible with 2.4.0 server?


      But I think it's bad practice to do this even they're compatible with each other. I will try to persuade the component to upgrade to Java 7. I think we will have to use 2.3.0 server and client. Finger crossed.