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    Need Help- jBPM5.4 not working

    Kahina Ait Newbie

      Dear JBossDeveloper Members,


      This is Ms Kahina from Algeria and I’m Java EE developer,


      I’m getting started with jBPM, I tried to install the jBPM 5.4 version by following all the steps stated in JBossDeveloper user guide as below:


      1. 1-       I’ve installed Java (JDK 1.7) and ant ( Apache-ant-1.9.4).
      2. 2-      I’ve set both  JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME
      3. 3-      I’ve downloaded the jBPM 5.4 full installer and run the installation script “ant install.demo” and the start script “ant start.demo”


      But unfortunately jBPM 5.4 is not working. When running the installation Script I’m getting successful message but  with the following warnings :

        [copy] Warning: Could not find file C:\jbpm-installer\db\task-persistence.xml to copy.

        [copy] Warning: Could not find file C:\jbpm-installer\db\Taskorm.xml to copy.


      The start demo is successful.


      Actually when I try to open any tool provided with the jBPM such us the  jBPM-console for example I’m getting the following messages: Address not found or sometimes the http status 404 occurred. FYI the Welcome page of jBoss AS was opened at http://localhost:8080/


      Please need your assistance to sort out this issue in order to move forward in my project as I'm blocked in the installation stage since more than a week now, I don’t know if this is related to the jBoss AS7  or to any other thing that I didn’t find out.


      Looking forward to hearing from you .


      Thanks & best regards