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    How to generate process diagram from org.jbpm.kie.services.impl.model.ProcessAssetDesc object or any other context



      I am working with jbpm6.

      I am using jbpm-kie-services (version 6.0.1.Final) to create a web-application.

      From the BPMN2DataService, I am able to get details of process with ProcessAssetDesc object.

      I need to get the process diagram. Later I also need to showcase which is current active node, represent current node with some color, get values of process variables at current node etc.

      In 5.4 I was able to get the Process Diagram, using loading resource from gouvnor URL etc.

      I would like to know is there any similar way by which I can get process diagram or by using ProcessAssetDesc instance or any REST api, Service etc.

      Or I am able to get contents of bpmn2 file, is there any way by which I can get Process diagram.


      Can anyone please help me with this regards.


      Thanks for your help in advance.