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    How to overwrite EAR deployment descriptor in underlying WAR to enable CDI/Weld

    Stephan Watermeyer Newbie

      In our application we've an jboss-deployment-structure.xml file deployed within the EAR file which disables Weld. Unfortunatly thats how it is. And because i'm not allowed to remove it, i've to find a workaround.


      This is how the file looks like:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






      <subsystem name="weld" />



      <sub-deployment name="XYZ.war">


      <subsystem name="jsf" />




      Within the EAR file i want to deploy a WAR file, which should be able to use CDI.

      The question is: How to enable Weld/CDI for this specific WAR inside the EAR? I've allready tried to put a jboss-deployment-structure.xml inside the WAR file, but it seems to be irrelevant for JBoss.