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    Unable to clean database - Foreign Key Referential integrity constraint violation

    Cezay Cezay Newbie



      I have cleaning up database after test. Here is the way I annotate my tests:




      The problem Unable to clean database is caused by Foreign Key constraint. When I annotate with @Cleanup(strategy = CleanupStrategy.USED_TABLES_ONLY then it is possible to run the test (if tables in someData.xml occur in correct sequence).


      But until recently everything worked just fine, without @Cleanup. My problem is that I will have to annotate and create hundreds of datasets used in tests.

      Can anyone give me a clue what might have changed so now I have to annotate every test which uses tables related by foreign key?

      I use arquillian-persistence-dbunit 1.0.0.Alpha7. In the past I used to work with 1.0.0.Alpha6

      Thank you in advance,




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