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    weld in intellij multimodule project

    pawel kaminski Newbie


      I have little problem with application developed in intellij.


      I have simple maven project that consist of 3 modules each producing jar archive. one of those jars is an application that starts weld-se container and bootstraps whole app. everything works fine if I build each jar and start app. but the problem occurs when I develop app and start it in intellij itself as it puts target/classes (for those modules) on claspath. this seems to break weld as it is unable to find beans.xml - even though they are correctly placed in meta-inf.


      I would assume that It is rather a problem with intellij but maybe someone had the same problem and solve it. I am using intellij 12. maybe I can add some descriptor to hint weld where it should look for beans.


      I hope my explanation makes sense.

      thanks for help