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    How to set cookie-path in wildfly8.1.0.Final?

    zhihong liu Newbie

      Hi , everybody

      I have troubled with a problem about cookie , In my application , I need to set my cookie path to root "/" , I saw some familar discussion about session-cookie' configruation Re: Changing JSESSIONID Cookie name?

      The discusstion said we can change cookie's name , but now i want to change the cookie's path , I found some properties according to the doc Undertow (web) subsystem configuration - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor but not found the property of path , how can i config domain.xml or standalone.xml to change cookie path inner wildfly .

      Another question , I do see the path tag in wildfly/build/src/main/resources/docs/schema/shared-session-config_1_0.xsd at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub

      Is there any relationship , I'm confused and I don't know what's the function property of "domain" , Can anyone tell me , ths.

      @Tomaz Cerar