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    How to set cookie-path in wildfly8.1.0.Final?

    zhihong liu Newbie

      Hi , everybody

      I have troubled with a problem about cookie , In my application , I need to set my cookie path to root "/" , I saw some familar discussion about session-cookie' configruation Re: Changing JSESSIONID Cookie name?

      The discusstion said we can change cookie's name , but now i want to change the cookie's path , I found some properties according to the doc Undertow (web) subsystem configuration - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor but not found the property of path , how can i config domain.xml or standalone.xml to change cookie path inner wildfly .

      Another question , I do see the path tag in wildfly/build/src/main/resources/docs/schema/shared-session-config_1_0.xsd at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub

      Is there any relationship , I'm confused and I don't know what's the function property of "domain" , Can anyone tell me , ths.

      @Tomaz Cerar 

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          They are similar in a sense that address similar problem.


          but where shared sessions work only on single instance of server and allow you to share sessions between different deployments.


          SSO provides similar thing but on cookie level and can be spanned across cluster if you choose so.


          to set sso cookie path to / just configure it as:

          <single-sign-on path="/" />