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    Invoking a rest service passing dynamic key value parameters using cxf-rs components

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      Hi Folks,


      We have to create a Fuse service which would in-turn invoke a REST service exposed by an external service provider.  Fuse service will be receiving request in XML format and converting to a query string before invoking the REST service.


      Sample request XML for Fuse service -








      The REST service consumes request in key value params (sample - https://www.customer.com/cust/api/v1/store/abc.xml?Customername=ABC&Customerage=28&Customername=DEF&customerage=54) and responds back in XML format.


      We have tried searching a lot but couldn't find any tutorial in the net.


      Can someone provide suggestions on how to implement the fuse service using cxf-rs components (preferably Spring DSL camel configuration )